Rise Round Table


Height: 29.5 in.
Width: 60 in.
Depth: 60 in.

Materials and Techniques

Teak Wood Stone


spired by swirling colors and patterning of the Indian sandstone “Rainbow teak wood” , perfect material for a large format table that would combine the look of both stone and wood. The tabletops are cut to display the unique patterning characteristic of the stone, which resembles the appearance of wood cut across the grain. The massive yet deceptively elegant curved bases are each carved from a solid block of stone. Due to the size of these blocks, they must be quarried with the grain in the stone, not across the grain as the tabletops. The bases therefore have a similar appearance, but do not display the swirling grain as much, which would be distracting. Both tops and bases come sealed from the quarry. The different graining patterns show the sealer slightly differently, the bases looking “more dry” than the top. No two tables will be alike. Customization these tables may be customized for size and edge treatment (cleft edge is standard). They can be other shapes including round and oval. Generally 8’ long is the maximum.


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