Coffre Armoire


Height: 84 in.
Width: 24 in.
Depth: 36 in.

Materials and Techniques


Inspired by the classic coffered, hand-tooled metal-clad furniture of the opulent Mughal period. This elegant furniture is hand made from solid pieces of teak that are joined into a repeating pattern of panels enclosed by raised moldings. Pattern makers then trace and cut the complex forms that will cover the workpiece with thick sheets of white bronze. The metal sheets are then hand-hammered and embossed with intricate tradition raised decoration before being attached and covering the entire outside surface of the piece.
Brass, White Bronze, Antiqued bronze, Silver and Copper are the available options for the metal skin. Both silver and copper will tarnish over time. Regular non-abrasive household metal polishes can be used to restore the original finish.Customization is our specialty. Please get in touch with us for any custom inquiries.


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