Amethyst and Silver Clad Cornet Table


Height: 31 in.
Width: 18 in.
Depth: 60 in.

Materials and Techniques


Available Sizes:60″x18″x31″H

Cornet table, this hand carved teak console table is clad in pure silver and adorned with an amethyst mosaic top. This heirloom table is a modern interpretation of the Anglo-Indian style, completely handcrafted by artisans using time honored traditions.
The master craftsmen carve and cut complex forms that will cover the table from thick sheets of copper or silver. Once the table is joined together, it is meticulously encased in a tight-fitting skin of copper or purest silver. The silver used was assayed at 96% purity, which exceeds the minimum standard for sterling of 92.5%. Brass, White Bronze, Antiqued bronze, Silver and Copper are the available options for the metal skin. Both silver and copper will tarnish over time. Regular non-abrasive household metal polishes can be used to restore the original finish.


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